it's not sushi

There is more to Japanese food than Raw Fish.


Family mart


美味しい500円カレー。いこい食堂 押上
Delicious ¥500 curry from Ikoi Shokudou in Oshiage.

I had a job in Osaka for Highlighting Japan recently and as part of it, I was treated to Okonomiyaki at a small restaurant called Houzenji San-Pei, in a small back alley behind Dotonbori, in Osaka.


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Too cute to eat. かわいいすぎて食べられない。

Tsukemen at Taishoken in Higashi-Ikebukuro.


My day at work today was spent in Akita prefecture eating Inaniwa Udon (one of top 3 types of Udon in Japan) for an article. Pretty rough work day if you ask me.

Oh Japan!


Rokumonsen -essence- ramen. Shibukawa, Gunma Japan.

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